Fantastic relationships with all major publishers and distributors across the UK & Ireland.


At FORE, we give your products and titles the best possible chance at acheiving top sales.

Using a range of market data and insights, including wholesale data, EPOS & ANMW Rankings, we can ensure that your products go direct to the right stores.

With our wide range of retail clients, we are sure to maximise the efficiencies of your products, even for the most niche categories.

Ranging Services to the retail sector


For any new launches, one shots or key issues, at FORE we will work with you to create a package promotion. Whether you want to do penetration exercises to extend your reach, or create extra facings in current retail outlets, we can engage our retail clients to fully support – even creating cross-category promotions within Multiple Retailers.


  • New Launches
  • Re-Launches
  • One Shots
  • Specials
  • Value Packs
  • High Value Issues
  • Bespoke Promotional Fixturing
  • Seasonal Peaks
  • Spend and Save
  • Money Off (£)
  • Coupons
  • Subscriptions
  • Cross-Category Promotions
  • Collectable Launches
  • Sampling
FORE create custom and bespoke promotions


Once a ranging or promotion has been agreed we will follow this through with retail, wholesale and distributors to ensure all are fully briefed. Once ‘live’ in stores we have several mechanisms to monitor compliance:


  • Early Returns
  • Late Returns
  • Retail Briefs
  • Retailer Feedback
  • In-Person Compliance Checks
  • FOREman System
FORE fully compliant ranging and services to the retail sector


For the majority of our retail clients, we can provide results from EPOS data, as well as wholesale data. For ranged titles, we can examine the success and efficiencies of each title on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis and provide advice and suggestions on where a single title is, or is not working.

We will also provide suggestions as to improvements that can be made, along with comparing this to the market, channel and category to see if a single title, retailer or retail group is over or underperforming.

FORE can provide weekly, or even daily, updates for promotions, comparing against WoW, YoY and/or a control group.

FORE offer results driven data to publishers and retailers